[PSE]Chapter 02 - Angelic Chaser

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Being a traitor is not so bad.
You can always get a seat, a path, and sometimes everything you touched free of charge. The plan about spreading 'rumours' is also progressing. Geldrop loves every single time he saw the people walked by with curiosity in their eyes when they saw traitor eating waffle in the park humming a song. And after he used to the tightness of the collar around his neck, he thought he quite loves its design.
Life's good.
Until His boss gave him a new mission.
"Listen well; you have to keep it a secret.
Read, and then destroy this paper.
Don't fail..."
Geldrop was so shocked by the fact that Gabriel was the one who gave this order he didn't even ask about any detail. He just... accepted it.
So that means all of archangels know that 'secret'? He felt like being betrayed.
Raphael is a lost cause. Geldrop wasn't surprised by the news he got a few week after 'that incident'.
'That guy has escaped.'
'You still remain to be a suspect.'
Geldrop is an optimist but he is no fool. He knew something he shouldn't, Raphael will not let him of the hook easily just by running a few errands. That hot-tempered shorty will use him to the extent, and then toss him to an abyss.
Good Grief! From the situation right now, Even Abyss might be a 'reward' for him.
But Gabriel? His not-so-formidable-but-loveable boss is also in this whole shady business? He can't believe it.
Moreover, the mission...
From Detective to Executioner, that escalated quickly.
Angels kill all the time so Geldrop didn't feel so concerned about that part.
But why Iris? If he remembered correctly, Iris is one of the most reliable messengers of God. She also take charge of a rainbow. He couldn't see why she had to steal God's wing... No, the more proper question was how is it possible that His wings can be easily stolen by a mere secondary goddess. Something smells fishy again...
'I will take care of you forever.'
Before Geldrop started questioning, the familiar line with familiar voice suddenly echoed in his head like it wanted to remind him about the promise he couldn’t even remember.
Well, promise is a promise. And his heart told him that this one is an important one. Until Geldrop can recall all of the memories, he can't die yet so...
It's time for a hunt.
Chasing Iris is like chasing the end of rainbow. It looks reachable but you will never get it.
Iris is smart. If all of this doesn't happen he might try asking her to do a part-time job at PRD. She will be a great asset.
But now she is a worst enemy.
Geldrop has followed her for a while now, and rather than fleeing, he feels like Iris is toying with him. Riddles after riddles, clues after clues. He could only catch a glimpse of her.
And now she left him with this complicated symbol and one hint.
Only Magdeburg he knew is a city. And the only memorable event of this city is 'a sack of Magdeburg'. And what he learnt from it is that people can go really far for what they believe in.
Geldrop used to be like that too. In his second life, he never doubt Elysian. Even with those ridiculous missions, he still did it without any questions.
But now he became a doubter. Everything started to look suspicious he felt like he turned into a paranoid.
What’s happening to Elysian? What's happening to his home?
He has been lived here for a hundred years but now he felt like he doesn't know it at all.
After a long while and some glasses of milk, He finally figured something out of this sign.
No, He still didn't understand why Iris mentioned Magdeburg. But he thought he knew about the latter.
And luckily he was right.
'It’s him again?' first his subordinate and then his name? Maybe those brothers need to talk to each other more.
But it's none of his concern. He has only a few days left.
He'll surely catch the rainbow this time.
Result: Wasted 2 days. Now he has only one day left.
If he couldn't get her this time, he will give his head to Raphael without resistance. Geldrop smiled wryly while picked up a card, suddenly all of his surroundings started to melt down. and then that graceful, appealing figure he has been chasing all this time finally appeared in front of his eyes.
"You kept me waiting so long, foolish angel."
"I came here to escort you back to Elysian, ma'am." His words brought a smile on her face.
"That thing... tamed you so well, I guess"
She pointed at his black collar. All he could do is smile.
"Elysian is no longer secure, How piteous..."
Another hints, huh? He had enough. 
He stopped her next words by throwing his lantern in front of her. The fire started to burn slowly on the ground.
Iris didn't move a single bit. Maybe because she knew that he didn't intend to attack her...yet.
"I don't know what game you all are playing right now. I really don't want to be a part of it. But I couldn't die yet. So… whether you help me work this thing out or I'll have to do what 'they' want me to do." Geldrop kept the flame in control so it won’t extinguish so fast. The harder job was controlling his internal fire of anger. He didn't want to sound like he threaten her. He needed Iris's cooperation.
He tired of all this absurdity. He wanted to end it as fast as he could. and if possible, with nobody's death.
"You gave me so many fancy riddles. Now I'll ask you only one plain question, ma’am.
Will you tell me what does happen?"
After long silence, Iris smiled, Geldrop understood immediately. He will never get any answers.
“…I’m sorry to say that I have to take you back to Elysian, ma’am, with or without your consent.”
“Your order is not ‘taking’ me back, isn’t it?” Now he knew for sure that Iris can read mind. His surprise lit up the fire unwittingly. The flame touched the trail of Iris’s white dress and started burning. Her eyes widened a bit. Geldrop guessed she didn't expect that because neither did he.
But Iris still didn't move.
“...If you knew that much, why don’t you just run away?”
“You might be a fool, but you ‘can’ doubt. That’s why I stayed.”
“I’ve gone too far to go back, even if I could escape from you, new one will come. They will not stop until they get me… so at least, I want my successor.” Now half of Iris’s body is on fire. Even though her face’s still calm, Geldrop could see all the sweat soaking her body up like it try to douse a fire. Her way of speaking also became clearer.
Maybe if he asks again, she might answer. Maybe they can work it out and surviv...
“I can’t give you what you want, Angel. Take my life, and find out by yourself.” Now Iris's words became as clear as an order. She had no intention of living. She just wanted to push her burden to him before she rested in peace.
a burden that she knew he can't decline... not with his doubt and his will to live.
“…Yes, ma’am.” Iris smiled as she got the answer she want.
“And could you do me a favour?”
“What is it, ma’am?”
“Stop that ‘ma’am’ thing and use your ‘Lamppost’ already. I can’t stand the heat and insincere politeness.” Geldrop chuckled a bit when he heard her order. He bowed down before stepped forward. The fire’s already gone.
“As you wish.” He pushed his spear at the end of his lamppost toward her chest. Iris startled a bit before fell down on the ground with a little smile on her face. Her last order's still ringing in his ears even after she's long gone.
“Keep questioning. and good luck.”
TBC in Chapter 3
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